Carpenter’s Fine Woodworking is a family owned-and-operated business. We are dedicated to the premise of creating quality products and providing reliable customer service with integrity.

Carl Carpenter -the shop’s founder, owner, and operator- was born
and raised in Michigan, and he has lived in California since his early twenties.
Carl and Lena 2015
Carl enjoys a great reputation among his industry peers for creativity,
uncompromising attention to detail, and problem-solving skills.
Carl has earned a well-deserved reputation for operating a shop that
gets the job done right.

Carl’s wife Lena joined the company full-time in 2002. She now manages the office, marketing department, and handles the programming of their CNC machines. You will also find her working side-by-side with Carl in the shop as needed.


Shane Carpenter is handling our sales and production department.
His experience includes designing and building his own electric guitar at Shane and Zoe 2015
age 15, a project that helped to familiarize him with many of the machines and woodworking techniques we employ daily.
His project can be seen in the CNC portfolio.


 We believe that our customers are,
and always will be,
the most important part of our business.